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Roll-formers come in multiple formats depending on the profile being formed, the volume of product likely to be sold and even the location(s) where the forming needs to be done.
Tandarra has successfully manufactured each of the below formats on numerous occassions.

Single Deck - The original format that is still widely used today for rolling high volume profiles, or those that cannot be combined into a multiple profile machine.

Double Deck - Mainly seen in the Roofing and Cladding sector, where manufacturers can optimise space by combining two profiles into the same footprint as a single deck machine. Tandarra's Double Deck machines hydraulically (Guillotine and Infeed) adjust their height position via a button on the main control panel. Where an Dropstacker is fitted with the machine, this height adjustment occurs via an electric drive mounted on the stacker.

Rafted - More commonly used for Industrial Sections such as Purlins and Metal Decking, rafted machines utilise the same core base, infeed and drive system to power interchangeable tooling rafts. This creates a more economical solution for producing multiple profile types, particularly those that do not have high volume demands on a day to day basis.

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